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«The gods may throw the dice

Their minds as cold as ice

And someone way down here

Loses someone dear

The winner takes it all

The loser has to fall

It's simple and it's plain

Why should I complain?»



Luck researches the relation between our daily patterns and the feeling of happiness. Is it possible that the repetition of a movement makes us happy? Why is it is so exciting when we figure out the system? And, for what reason are we so fascinated by repetitive structures?


For his new performance director Øystein Johansen draws inspiration from patterns that occur in gambling halls, churches and circle dances, but also in the history of dance. Johansen’s fascination for this repetitive movement phrases is the starting point for a minimalistic performance that tries to analyse the physical core of feeling lucky.




Partners: Black Box theatre, School van Gaasbeek, Amsterdam Fringe Festival, Compagnie Theater and Malpertuis theater


Funded by: Norsk Kulturråd, FFUK, 


Performers: Nina Fokker, Igor Vrebac, Julie Solberg

Dramaturg: Jonas Rutgeerts

Set-designer: Juul Dekker

Composer: Hans Kristen Hyrve

Light advice: Jasper Kop

Technician: Gijs Kuijpers

Production manager: Thomas Vandewalle

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