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A thing of beauty



A child bringing home road killes to diessect and find out what they look like on the inside. A teenage boy starting to realize that his sexual orientation is different, prefferaing men that are still and quiet. A grown man killing people and dissecting them as road kills. A desire growing into something more unctrollable every day. 


Inspired by the story of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer " A thing of beauty" is a performance about obsession and isolation and how both amplify each other. What happens when obsessions is pushing the world away until a small detail is left? A detail that becomes thousand, even ten thousand times bigget thand conquesrs the head like a blietz krieg. What happens when this small detail becomes a world? a world with only you as a citizen. a beaitufful isoloated universe that makes it´s own rules and categories? 


"A thing of beauty is an intruiging performance that explores the bounderies between beauty and cruelty and takes you on a trip through the dark caverns of the mind. 




Performer: Marius Mensink

Director: Øystein Johansen

Playwright: Malmfrid Hovsveen Hallum

Dramaturg: Jonas Rutgeerts 

Light-designer: Wouter Breepoel, 

Composer: Hans Kristen Hyrve

Photographer: Kristine Halmrast

Production manager: Thomas vandeWalle 

co-producers: Brakke Grond, STUK Leuven, WorkSpaceBrussels, Black Box teater


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«A thing of beauty» won the prize of best theatre in 2013 by Natt og Dag

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